Power breathing

Power breathing

Today we will discuss our third Breathing Pattern in the “How Breathing can make you Stronger series”.

This is article is about the Power Breathing Pattern. Today you will learn what the Reverse Breathing Pattern is. What it is good for and how to start using this pattern to increase your strength.


Let’s first talk about what Power Breathing is:

With this method of Breathing you are using the human bio mechanics to raise the Intra-abdominal pressure (IAP), this will result in increased strength, and thus give you the ability to lift more weight, or perform a harder exercise.

It is a hard skill to master, and you need to be cleared by your personal physician before attempting this type of breathing, as it causes a lot of pressure in your abdominal region.

The people that use this Breathing Pattern are often strength-athletes, such as Weightlifters or Strongmen.

What is it good for

This way of breathing is good to protect the spine and to increase your strength.

As said before, you should use this method of breathing while practicing high intensity exercises such as weightlifting.

Once again, make sure that you talk to your physician before attempting this type of breathing.

How does Power Breathing work

With this method, you will put a lot of pressure within your abdominal region, causing all your core muscles to fire up.

Here is how it works:

  • Stand up straight
  • Contract your sphincter muscles. Yes, the sphincter muscles are the muscles that you use to poop, lock them up tight. This is to prevent any injury such as hemorrhoids.
  • Pull your pelvis upwards.
  • Contract your abdominal muscles as hard as you can.
  • Brace yourself as if you are going to poop.
  • Breathe in and send all the pressure as far down as you can. Imagine pushing the air down to your groin, and then down to the feet.
  • Give a short breathe out to fire your core muscles even more and you are ready for the exercise.


Make sure that you never inhale or exhale fully. Science has shown that keeping the lungs filled at 75% capacity gives you the most strength.

Following several Russian scientists holding your breath during an exercise gives better performance than breathing out under exertion.

So to use this in for example the squat:                                                               

Stand up straight and perform the above rotation.
After the short breathe out you hold your breath and go down slowly.

Hold it at the bottom for a moment and then press up again while still holding your breath.

At the top position, quickly exhale and inhale again and repeat.

How to train Power Breathing

You could perform the rotation to start the power-breathing pattern at different times of the day, during any heavy intensity exercise such as power lifting, weightlifting and so forth.

You can also practice it during isometrics

Most common mistakes

The most common mistakes made are luckily easy to fix.

The first mistake is to bend the spine, to fix this all you need to do is focus on keeping your spine straight… It is that easy!

The second mistake would be to relax or exhale during the exertion.

Exhaling is not so bad per se; however, it does lower your strength. Relaxing during an exercise however, is a very dangerous thing to do.


As you now know the Power Breathing Pattern is a very situational Pattern, which is mainly used by Strength Athletes such as weightlifters and Strongmen

This Breathing Pattern has the benefit of protecting your Spine and your Internal Organs, but at the same time it requires you to be healthy, because if your not healthy, the Intra-Abdominal Pressure might be too much to handle for you.

This was the fourth part in our Series on “How Breathing makes You Stronger” the next article in this series discusses Several Other Breathing Patterns. If you have any Comments, Questions or Suggestions feel free to leave a reply below, or contact us by clicking here

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