Natural breathing

Natural breathing

Today we will discuss our first Breathing Pattern in the “How Breathing can make you Stronger series”.

This is article is about the Natural Breathing Pattern. Today you will learn what the Natural Breathing Pattern is. What it is good for and how to start using this pattern to improve your overall well being.


Let’s first talk about what Natural Breathing is:

Natural breathing is exactly what the name suggests; it is the most natural form of breathing that is possible with our bodies.

Many people however, do not use natural breathing for normal day life. That is a bit sad, as we would all be a lot healthier if we did.

What is it good for

You can best use the natural breathing pattern in the following two situations:

  • Normal day to day life
  • Low intensity exercise, such as cardio and aerobic exercises.


You cannot effectively use this way of breathing when there is a high pressure on your spine.

There are many different benefits of this type of breathing, There are more than that I could show you in a simple list. This is because the list of benefits would be very, very long.
The basics are that you improve your breathing and movement patterns and that makes you more efficient at everything that you do.

How does it work

Imagine that the lungs cannot control themselves, that you cannot control your lungs and your breathing.

It is the movements that your body makes, Instead of being able to control your breathing directly, which results in air being forced into, or out of your lungs.

Every compression or forward movement will make you exhale and every relaxation or backwards movement will suck in air into your lungs

How to train it

You can do the following exercise in a standing or seated position.

Breathing in:

  • Roll the shoulders backwards
  • Lift your solar plexus upwards
  • Extend your belly outwards


By doing this movement pattern you will automatically breathe in.

Breathing out:

  • Roll the shoulders forwards
  • Lift your pelvis up and forwards
  • Bring your navel to your spine


This will cause the body to breathe out.


You can use this type of breathing with any type of movement, as long as there is no high pressure on the spine.


You now know, as the name suggests, that Natural Breathing is the most natural form of breathing, and how to do it correctly.

It is a sad fact that most people do not actually breathe “Naturally”, That alone is a good reason in itself to spend some time to practice this!

This was the second part in our Series on “How Breathing makes You Stronger” the next article in this series explains you the “Reverse Breathing Pattern” If you have any Comments, Questions or Suggestions feel free to leave a reply below, or contact us by clicking here

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