How to Excel at a Few?

How to Excel at a Few


If you read the first part in this miniseries, you now know why you should only Excel at a Few and Delegate the Rest.


If you have missed the first part, we strongly suggest that you read it by clicking this link: Why should you excel at a few and delegate the rest.


So let’s get on to the second part of this Article: How to Excel at a few.

If you read the previous part of this miniseries you know that to excel at something you need to spend an average of 16.666 real hours on something if you stay at top effectiveness with 20 minutes’ work/10 minutes’ rest.

In real years that would be 11.7 years if you practiced seven days a week for four hours a day.

This means that you only have enough time to become an expert at a few things. So you have to choose them wisely.

Luckily enough you only need to excel at a few things to become successful in life.

You only need to do a few things right to be successful

So we now know that you only need to do a few things right to be successful, and that’s a good thing!

But which things should we focus on doing right?

Well, you’re the only one that can really answer that!


Here are a few questions that might help you: What;

  • Are you really passionate about?
  • Do you feel you have a talent for?
  • Are you already good at?
  • Skills do you really need to succeed in your business/life?
  • Skills can you easily delegate?


These questions will put you on the right path to find out what you should become an expert at, and what not.

Become a master at your area

Most people nowadays have no patience, discipline or dedication to become good at something, and definitely not to become a master at something.

That’s why it’s important to be a contrarian, do the opposite thing.

If there are not so many Masters around, it means that it is worth a lot, or in other words: Valuable.

And if something has a lot of value, you’ll reap the benefits of it, by either getting paid a lot for your work, by getting the respect and attention from other people and so forth.


Now you might wonder; That’s nice, but how do I become a master at my area?

Well the answer is simple: By becoming the best at your area! This means spending time to;

  • Learn everything there is to know about your area.
  • Practicing and honing your craft.
  • Putting in the hours to learn, practice, evaluate and improve on yourself every single day.
  • Being persistent, stubborn and never giving up.


I could go more in depth in this area, but that goes way beyond the scope of this Article. You could easily write several books about this topic and still have more to share, teach and say!

Proper Time allotment

If you do want to become good at something, you do need to spend time on it as well!

Proper time management is half the work.

There are two rules that are important at this:

  • Spend the least amount of time possible at the unimportant things, things that distract you or things that you are not good at.
  • Allot all your other time to your few strengths.


It’s as simple as that!

Now we all know that there are a thousand-and-one distractions around and that you need to do the small things as well.

But do you really?

This brings us to the next point: Delegating is the Answer


This was the second article in the miniseries Excel at a few, Delegate the rest.

In this post you learned the very first steps that will help you to choose on which things you should focus. This Article also put you on the first steps to Excel at a Few.

In the third Article we will discuss “How to Delegate Efficiently“.


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