How to delegate efficiently

How to Delegate Efficiently


If you read the first part in this miniseries, you now know why you should only Excel at a Few and Delegate the Rest.

In the Second part you learned Why, and How to Excel at a Few.

If you have missed the first parts, we strongly suggest that you read it by clicking on one of these links: Why should you excel at a few and delegate the rest. and How to excel at a few


In Today’s Article you will learn why Delegating is the Answer, and How to Delegate efficiently.


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Delegating is the answer

If you do want to become a master at the few things that you choose, you need to follow the rule;

  • Spend the least amount of time possible at the unimportant things, things that distract you or things that you are not good at.


Now, it is hard to do that if you do everything yourself! But there is an easy fix for that, and that is to delegate!

Think of it, the only valuable thing that you have is your time, why would you want to waste it with unnecessary things?

Would you not feel a lot better, be more productive and be able to become successful a lot quicker and better if you do not need to spend time on the small stuff?

Imagine a life where you do not need to do any chores, no small and unnecessary things to distract you from what you really want to do? How would you feel?

Would you not be a lot happier? More productive? More successful? More … (fill in the blank)?

What is delegating?

A lot of people misunderstand what delegation is, and how to use it properly.

I have known managers who did not want to delegate things, because “it would not be done properly”.

If that is the case, the only thing that is not done properly is the delegating itself!

Most people think that to delegate is to give a task, that you do not want to do, to someone else and that is that.

That could not be further from the truth!

To delegate is to;

  • Share your vision
  • Teach how to do something
  • Give the tools to do it properly
  • Give additional training and supervision
  • Evaluate


You see, to delegate you initially spend a lot more time than if you would do things yourself, because you are teaching and mentoring someone to do the task exactly as you want it.

Then you make sure that you give them the opportunity, and material to do the task properly. You also keep involved in the situation, to give additional training, and to evaluate how both you and the person you delegate can do better.

This is one of the investments that pay dividends many times back!

Here are some tasks that you can easily delegate;

  • Household chores, including cleaning, cooking, washing, maintenance etc.
  • Answering the telephone, emails, mail.
  • Accounting and tax returns.
  • Research (Business/job/school related, What internet/insurance/telephone provider to choose etc.)
  • Building a website, marketing, copy-writing.

What are the benefits of Delegating?

So you might wonder; what are the actual benefits of delegating?

Well, here are a few things that you will get. You;

  • Have more freedom to do what you want to do.
  • Do not have to worry about the small things.
  • Can focus completely on your goals.
  • Have the ability to succeed.
  • Can do the things that you love to do.


Now there are many other benefits, but these are the ones that first come to mind.

You can even summarize them into; You are Free.

Or; You have Freedom

What are the most often made mistakes of Delegating?

To delegate is an art in itself, and there are many mistakes that you can make when you delegate. Here are a few, you;

  • Do not communicate clearly to the person what you want.
  • Do not give the person the freedom to complete the task on their way.
  • Want things done on your specific way.
  • Do not give the time, or tools to do the task properly.
  • Forget to evaluate the process (both from your and the other person’s side).
  • You do not coach or mentor the person properly.

8 Steps to Delegate Efficiently

To make things actionable right away, here is a step by step guide to properly delegate something.

  1. Find out what you want to delegate, to do this, make a list of things that;
    1. Can be eliminated.
    2. Need to be done but are small and insignificant tasks.
    3. You are not good at.
    4. Do not want to do.
    5. You need to do yourself.
  2. Out of the above list you can delegate everything you wrote down at group: B, C and D.
  3. Write down exactly what you want to delegate and what the preferred outcome is, and what the task means for the bigger picture.
  4. Find someone that has the right skillset to delegate the task to.
  5. Have a meeting with the person that you want to delegate the task to, and explain what needs to be done, What the preferred outcome is and its importance in the bigger picture.
  6. Ask the person if they need any additional training to do this task, and what materials they will need to properly perform it, then provide that to them.
  7. Make sure that they can easily contact you if they need additional training, have questions or suggestions while they’re on the job.
  8. Have a daily/weekly/monthly(Whichever is most appropiate) evaluation talk with them to see how the task is going, what they can do better and what you can do better to make sure that the task is completed with utmost efficiency.


This was the third article in the miniseries Excel at a few, Delegate the rest.

You now know that Delegating is the Answer to get more Freedom in your Life, and to become more productive!

You also have an easy-to-follow step by step guide to Delegate Efficiently.

We hope that this miniseries will help you to become a more productive you and to reclaim your lost Freedom!


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