Character is more important than Talent

Character is more important than Talents, do you live by it?

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In today’s article we will look into something that we all know on an intellectual level, however we do not often live by it. This is the fact that Character is more important than Talents, skills and gifts.

We all know on an intellectual level that Character and using character strengths is more important than using your skills and talents.

But do we really live by it?

The question of the day is: Do you value gifts or character more in yourself and others?

We all know that Using character strengths is more important than using your skills and talents, but....

  • We all know that inside is more important than the outside.
  • Character is more important than talents and skills.
  • Personality is the most important thing.


However we often do not live by that knowledge.

No, most of the times we all live like we value the superficial things(Talent, skill, knowledge) more than the things that really matter(Character, who you really are as a person).


We value looks over personality and Talents and skillsover character.


It could work quite often, as we all want to have people who have talent and skill in our team.
We all want that beautiful woman by our side, we all want others to recognize our skills, knowledge and mastery.

It is so easy to judge based on gifts rather than character.

And it is so easy to do just that, as hey, someones looks or skills might be a lot easier to recognize than someone’s character.


In the long run however, someone’s character is more important.


If you are long enough with someone, you will not even see the gifts or looks anymore, but the personality will be always there. And if the person has a bad character, it will be like a thorn in your eyes.


The question however is, what are you going to do to change your view on it and become more effective as a leader and better at picking friends?

The higher you climb the harder it is to keep character.

Before we go into the answer, let’s look at one simple fact in life.

As the old dutch saying goes  “High tree’s catch much wind”.

In this context it would mean that the higher you climb, the more successful you become, the harder it is to keep character.

There are thousands of examples of this around us.

Just look at famous people, musicians, politicians, artists, Business leaders, religious leaders and so forth.

Most of the times when they are in the news it is because they put more emphasizes on their gifts and talents than on their character.

Every time someone falls morally it simply means that they went out of balance between their gifts and their character.

There are also many other forces at play.

Once you are successful you want to remain successful, sometimes at whatever the cost may be.

Because you do not want to lose what you have got.

With a clear goal in mind it is easy to let yourself slide on the moral and ethical ground.

Since hey, if I give it some slack, I will become more successful, if I do this it will work out better for me, if I act like I did not see that, we all win.

And another thousand lies that you could tell yourself.

In the end however it is always the person that develops his skills and character equally that wins. Not someone who compromises one or the other.

How do you value others? Their Gifts and Skill or their Character?

When we put others gifts above their character we will surround ourselves with very skilled people, with low morals and ethics.

People who are good at what they do and those that will reach their goals, at whatever cost.

Sometimes that is at someone else’s cost. Sometimes it can be at your cost.

And that is a sour place to be in.

Next to that a saying says that:

“You are the average of the five people that you spend most time with. “

Do you really want to be someone with no morals? No ethics? No character?

It is up to you, do you want to be known as:

  • Someone who succeeds no matter the cost, who is the best in the field, but has a bad personality, no integrity, no character. Someone who you can rely on for obtaining the(ir) goals. But you could not ever consider your friend, or role model?
  • Or do you want to be someone who is known for their integrity, their character, for who they are?

The dangers of putting other peoples gifts above their character

Here are some of the dangers that you put yourself in when you put others gifts, skills and talents above their character;

  • The people that have a bad character will always fall in the end, dragging everyone along with them.
  • You will compromise your own personality and character.
  • The atmosphere that you live in will be only about results and skills and it will be almost impossible to have any form of humanity, positivity, growth and character.


Now that we know about the dangers of putting others gifts above their character, let us look at ourselves.

Do we focus on our own Gifts or on our Character?

We often put our own gifts above our character as well.

We do this is for the simple reason that we can measure and show off our talents and skills and get results with them.

While it is much harder to measure or show off your character.

Next to that we often go as far as identifying ourselves with our gifts, rather than as a person.

Instead of saying  “Hey, I am me. “

We say  “Hey, I am an athlete/business man/artist/______[Fill in the blank] “


And once we identify ourselves as our gift, we already show the world that we care more about our talents and skills than about our personality.

Because of that you lower your own value to others.

This is ofcourse a backwards position to be in.
You are not your gifts, you are not your talents, not your knowledge.

You are your character.


What happens when we put our own gifts ahead of our character

What happens to us when we put our gifts above our character is in a very deep, and subconscious level.


Once we identify ourselves as something instead of someone we detach ourselves from our real selves, from our character and personality.


We will build a fake ego all around our achievements that we got only from our gifts.


One of the problems with that is that we build ourselves around something fake.

In the end there is always someone better, and if you build your  “You “ around something  “Fake “ it is like building a house with a deck of cards.


It will fall easily, and it always falls in the end. And after that happens, what do you have left?


Absolutely nothing!


If you build your identity on something real however, on your character, on yourself instead of on something. You will be like a brick house and you will not fall. You will still stand after a storm.


Another problem will be that we create ourselves as the center of the universe, because you got the skills, you are the best in what you do. So everything revolves around you.


While no matter what you believe, in order to be successful, you must believe in something bigger than yourself.

We never fall alone.

Another problem with putting our gifts above our character is that you will eventually fall.

Often due to immoral or unethical choices.


And you will never fall alone.


You will drag everyone around you with you, including your friends, family and other loved ones.

Do you want to hurt your loved ones? Your family? Your friends?

If not it is time to value and build your character above everything else.

How to put your character above your gifts.

Now after all this negative talk, you might wonder, how do I put a positive spin on all this?
How can I use this knowledge to improve my life instead of let it drag me down?

Well there are a few steps that will help you to put your character above your gifts.

To value the deeper things more than the superficial.


  • Be humble, Know that there is something bigger than you, something that can give you the power to go on when things are tough, to make the right choice when you are tempted to compromise.
    For me this is my believe in God. I am humble so that I rely on God, knowing that he is bigger and more powerful than I could ever be. And that he can give me the strength to withstand anything.
  • Be a visionary, you set goals, you see a bigger picture and because of that you can live with higher moral standards and stick with them.
  • Be convicted to do the right thing, this will build your integrity and your credibility.


Now something to think about;

How can you improve your character?

If you have any practical steps to share with the rest of us, or you have any comments, feel free to comment below!

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Character is more important than Talent

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