Excel at a few and delegate the rest

Excel at a few and Delegate the rest

You want to get to the top, and become successful, so that you can finally do the things that you want to do,

However there are always so many things that either distract you, or there is simply not enough time to do the things that you need to do to get there.

You know the feeling, you finally get ready to do something productive. So you get to work, Then “Bling” you get an email that needs answering, at the same time you get a phone call and you also remember that you need to clean your house and cook some dinner.

When you are finally done with those things, half your day is gone and you still have not done anything productive at all!

With the help of this Article we will put an end to this forever by creating the freedom to focus on what is important and by getting rid of all the unimportant clutter.

At the same time we will put you on the right track to succes!

How do we excel at a few and delegate the rest?

It all starts with one little sentence; “Excel at a few and delegate the rest.”

This sentence is a famous quote by a man who was for a long period the second richest man in the world; Warren Buffet. Who owns a company where the shares are worth at this time over $23.000 per share!

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Even while this sentence only contains seven words, it is so full of wisdom that you can easily write a book about it!

Now we will not do that just yet, however we did write this mini-series where you can learn to harness the power of this sentence and start to use this knowledge to improve your life.

The first part: Excel at a few

Most people have a disease called want-to-do-it-all-itis. Which means that they want to do everything themselves.

Some people are so ambitious that they try to become good at everything as well.

However that is a lie, you cannot become good at everything, you only have enough time to become good at a handful of skills in a lifetime. so we will show you why it is important to become a master at an area, instead of an average jack-of-all-trades, master of none.

Delegate the rest

After you learn how to excel at a few, you will learn how to give yourself the freedom and time to actually do just that!

Now you might wonder; How do I do that?


Well, that is quite simple! You delegate all of the small, insignificant tasks or tasks that you are not good at!

In this part you will also learn the mistakes that most people make when they delegate and how to avoid those.

You will also get a step by step guide on how to delegate efficiently.


The Articles in this Mini-Series

This mini-series consists of three articles, You should read them in order, from start to end;


You now know that it is important to focus only on a few skills and to spend the time and energy to become really good at it. And that you can easily delegate the small or unimportant things, so that you have the freedom to focus on what is important.

You also got a step by step guide on how to efficiently delegate something and get the preferred results!

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