How we are different

Every company and every individual in the world needs to establish his or her own identity.

Most people build and secure their identity during their entire lifetime.

Read below how we are different at GetLeanStrength, because we build our identity on the following points:

  • The training system that we provide to you is build out of a necessity. After teaching hundreds of people around the world one question came back every time: Do you have a book or a video course that teaches what you teach us, so that we can share it with our families and friend?
  • This program is not just another “How to lose weight” or “How to build muscle size” program, there are thousands of them around already. With this program, you will gain all of the above automatically, but losing weight and building muscle is just a side effect. The real benefits that you will gain are:


    1. You build lifelong strength, this will help you with everything that you do in life, and keep you young until old age, as the first thing that you lose when you get older is your strength.
    2. You will become more flexible and increase your range of motion; this will help you because an increased range of motion and flexibility will lower the chance on an injury while performing your sport, or at old age, as flexibility and range of motion is the second thing that you lose when getting older.
    3. Your Strength, Endurance, Power, Balance and Recovery time will improve. This is especially important for active people and professional athletes. As those are the five pillars of extraordinary performance.
    4. Your Balance will improve, making sure that you are less likely to slip, fall, and break a bone. Remember that old lady that fell and broke her hip? The chance of that happening to you will get close to zero after you start training with our system.
    5. Your hormones will balance out, causing: Muscle gain, Fat loss, Improved Sleep, better Mood, more Patience and because of that a more stable social life.
    6. You do not need any expensive gym memberships or equipment to perform this training, causing you to save much money!
    7. You can perform our trainings anywhere in the world, even in a park, so that you never have to miss a training day!
    8. You will save time when performing our trainings in compared to traditional gym trainings, even if you work out daily you do not have to spend more than 3 hours per week!
    9. You will get the best customer service experience possible. We have experience with customers from over 75 nationalities, with each their own cultural traditions and expectations. We are proud to say to have not had one single complaint that we could not solve.
    10. We talk the talk, we walk the walk. The training systems, tips, guides and equipment recommendations that we give you, are the ones that we use ourselves. We will never recommend doing something that we cannot, or do not do ourselves.

In short: When you choose us, you choose to work out smarter, instead of harder,

Together we will make sure that you reach your fitness goals, so that you can enjoy life the way you want to. You will stay young and fit, while you see your friends get older.

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