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Welcome to Get Lean Strength

At Get Lean we believe that if you want to be successful and want to enjoy your life that you have to improve yourself and become stronger every day.

This sounds easier than it is, because being strong means something different for everyone.

Being strong for us this means that you need to focus your energy and improve yourself in Body, Mind and Spirit on a daily basis.

Now you might think: This sounds like spiritual Mumbo Jumbo, and we understand.

However you could not be further from the truth, let me explain;

Being strong in Body:

  • Being physically strong.
  • Having a high endurance.
  • Knowing your body and its limits.
  • Having full control over your body.
  • Having healthy habits.

Being strong in Mind:

  • Being Emotionally Stable.
  • Knowing yourself and your abilities.
  • Being a Leader.
  • Being Productive and Efficient in everything you do.
  • Taking conscious control over your life.

Being strong in Spirit:

  • Having strong morals and values.
  • Living without guilt or regrets.
  • Taking control over your emotional and spiritual life.

The above are the main building blocks to living a successful, and fulfilling life.

On this website you will find Free articles that will help you in each of those area’s of your life, next to that we also offer the best courses, equipment and accesoires in our webshop.

If we can help you on any way with the above, or if you have any suggestions feel free to contact us by clicking here.

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What other people say about the Get Lean Strength method of Fitness

I practiced the exercises that you taught me, exactly when you told me to do them, and ever since I have not had a single pain in my back anymore! And that after 25 years of pain!​


CEO of a Lawfirm
Bas was both Professional, knowledgable and easy to work with. He pushed me at exactly the right moments and gave me space when I needed it. His funny and outgoing personality made working with him a blast!


Retired Teacher

I always wanted to get in shape, but I simply never had the time or energy! Bas made custom workouts for me that fit my busy time schedule and energy levels.This helped me to go from being tired and out of shape to feeling good about myself again.


Sales Manager
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